International Learned Institute of Argumentation Studies - Pragma-dialectical Research and Education

Mission and activities

The International Learned Institute of Argumentation Studies (ILIAS), housed at
Jiangsu University in Zhenjiang, China, is a center for pragma-dialectical research
and education. It promotes projects and meetings aimed at extending, enriching or
applying the pragma-dialectical theory of argumentation. In these endeavors
ILIAS collaborates as closely as possible with other academic associations and
individual scholars.

Research tasks ILIAS
Developing research projects
Initiating book projects and special issues academic journals
Advising researchers in using pragma-dialectical insights
Educational tasks ILIAS
Teaching courses for junior and senior researchers
Presenting courses and guest lectures about pragma-dialectical insights
Advising about pragma-dialectical MA and PhD theses and dissertations
Communicative tasks ILIAS
Maintaining website and links with relevant other websites
Organizing research colloquiums, workshops and conferences
Serving as a thinktank for argumentation theory